About Quail School Press

UPDATE: we are delighted to announce that all three books in the Helen of Hollingsworth trilogy are now available for purchase. Buy Books I and II at BookPeople, and buy all three books at Amazon!


Welcome to Quail School Press, a subsidiary of Quail School Media and an independent publisher of fantastic fiction!

Our first book is a critically acclaimed young adult novel called Choose Your Weapon. The start of an exciting new YA trilogy, Choose Your Weapon is a fast-paced adventure that blends together fantasy and reality. Part The Lord of the Rings, part The Breakfast Club, the book follows a quiet Latina teenager from a small Texas town who must work with her high school adversaries to fight dragons in a magical world — without the rest of the school discovering their secret mission.

“A well-written, intelligent, exciting choice for readers looking to get hooked on a new fantasy series.” –Kirkus Reviews

One of Kirkus ReviewsBest Indie Books of 2013!

Press and praise for Choose Your Weapon:

The entire Helen of Hollingsworth trilogy is available in the following stores:

Thank you for your interest in Quail School Press!

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    • That’s a great question! I’d love to release them as audio books one day, though I’m not sure when. Once Season 2 of the podcast “What the Kids Were Watching” is released, I’m going to look more into it. Thanks for asking!

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