About Our Name

People keep asking us why we chose the name Quail School. Our founder explains its origin:

I came home one day with a little set of vintage brass quail. After I placed them on the kitchen counter, near the cookbook, my husband David started making up silly, random “facts” about them. “Did you know quail are excellent at calculus?” he’d tell me while he cooked.

“No, I didn’t know that,” I’d laugh.

“Oh, they are. They’re also very good at solving mysteries. Their sense of smell is a billion times better than a bloodhound’s.”

“Where did you learn all this useful information?”

“Quail School!” he’d say innocently. “Didn’t you go to Quail School? It’s where you learn all the important things about quail.”

We had interactions like this for weeks, with me constantly asking him for more quail “facts” and him happily obliging. But it wasn’t just the faux facts I loved — I also loved the fantasy that, somewhere, there was a whole school devoted to educating the world about the secret, wonderful powers of the quail.

The more outrageous “facts” David came up with, the more I knew I wanted to name my copywriting and editing company Quail School Media. I wanted to capture that spirit of fun, unexpected delight in my work — only with real facts and data, not silly stories about how quail are excellent at memorizing poetry.

So that’s the story of Quail School. Our goal is to make our clients and readers unexpectedly delighted with our work. To make them so happy, they keep them coming back for more. To be, as our slogan says, brighter than the average bird — and to create fine feathered fiction.

Copyright 2014, Quail School™ Press. All rights reserved.

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